Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrities in Recovery

I typically try to post articles that more "clinical," but with the publicity of Whitney Houston's death I thought it was important to think about those who are in recovery.  Also I would not use the term "beat addiction" with my client's as recovery is an ongoing issue that takes maintance.  The anology I use is weight loss, it takes diet and excerise to lose the weight as well as continuing to go to the gym and salads for lunch in order to mainatain it.  If you lost 50 lbs. then ate fast food everyday you would gain it all back.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heroin Vaccine?

The above article outlines a new drug that will be available in 5 years similar to Antabuse for Heroin. I have mixed feelings about this, the same one I have with Antabuse; if someone skips a dose they can drink without any of the effects of Antabuse, essentially "getting high."  I would be more of a proponent of it if it built up in ones' system so you took a dose to last a week or longer, or it was an monthly injection administered with mandatory therapy and weekly group (not like a methadone clinic), with the plan of completing the program and not needing to continue the Rx.

Thoughts?  This has not been getting as much press as I would think it would in my area, which has a huge problem with heroin

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

VLT's move to Illinois and Iowa

Fears about Online Gambling - CBS4 - WHBF Quad Cities, IL-IA News Weather Sports

Forget having to leave your house to try and hit it big.  Both Iowa and Illinois are looking into legalizing online gambling.
That easy access to hitting the jackpot has addicts and counselors on pins and needles.
On Monday, a Senate panel approved a bill to legalize internet poker in Iowa, and across the river, Illinois lottery officials hope to start selling tickets online next month.  Supporters of online gaming see it as a way to bring more money into the cash strapped states, but those who struggle with addiction say the move could be dangerous

With the recent Supreme Court riling I suspect we will see more states in desperate financial way jumping on the bandwagon.  On one hand I can see how states see this as revenue and tourist money coming in, but of course i am concerned with the likely hood of people getting "hooked."  I did not see any mention of funding for counseling services, hopefully they will at  least do the 1% of income rule like Oregon.  This would make 8 states with VLT machines.

Monday, February 20, 2012

About Me

      Since graduating with my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2010, I have worked in outpatient mental health and addiction therapy. Currently I work with Problem Gamblers in the Portland, Oregon area utilizing CBT, DBT and MI. 
       After 5 years in Portland I am packing up and moving to Ann Arbor, MI early to mid-summer and currently networking, gaining more education and obtaining licensure.
      I am originally from NYC and of multi-cultural background.  In my spare time I enjoy reading memoirs, cooking, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

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