Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome Back!

This might be my first post in 3+ years, which seems remarkable as I now have a 3.5 year old (oh and a 1.5 year old.)  I started this blog to share my love for DBT and lead to an online DBT program I co-owned for over a year.  After leaving that business I left this blog and let all my business social media fall by the waist side, as the purpose 3 years ago was to drum up business and I wasn't sure what to write about and didn't feel like I had a voice. 

The quick story of how the online DBT business began was that I was working full-time at a prison and starting to dread going into work.  I sat in my car on my ride home dreading the next day and thought to myself, what could I do bring me joy again in my career.  I realized I was happiest when I was facilitating DBT groups and that night posted on Twitter asking if there was any interest in that.  8 months later, I quit my job and worked from home co-facilitating online DBT groups. 

I still occasionally get e-mail asking how I am and if I am still going DBT online.  Three years ago I took a job working for a company doing post-psychiatric follow-up and have had a mix of office and community mental health and addiction positions since- none DBT related. 

This brings me to this week, I got another DBT related e-mail, I get one or two a month with the same question, "where can I get DBT skills coaching?" most of the time these e-mails come from current students of programs that do not offer this service, and occasionally students are unable to attend in person or afford online DBT and are self-learning through a book.  Unlike three years ago currently I really love my job, it provides me joy and hope and fits with my career goals- but it's not DBT.  What has always made me feel fulfilled in my career and overall in my life- was DBT.  Even when I was teaching it, I was also (re) learning it with each new class.  

I haven't for sure decided what my plan is moving forward,  I do not have the time or bandwidth in my life to run DBT groups, nor do I feel like that is my place in the DBT community any longer.  Likely I will begin DBT skills coaching for a nominal fee and see where that leads. I would be perfectly happy coaching and reintegrating into the amazing online community that is DBT students.  I was regularly impressed and in awe of their work and commitment and would like to support those who are making that huge commitment in their work.

I will update as things (likely slowly) progress and have added some new social media accounts.

Twitter: APazMA
Instagram: AliciaPazDBT
Facebook: Alicia Paz DBT 


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