Wednesday, March 7, 2012

10% of Americans in recovery from addiction

An article from my home state.  Much of the work I do as a Problem Gambling Counselor is normalizing the client's behavior.  It's the primary reason I gently push my client's to at least "try" one group offered.  To hear other people "me too*" is huge for client's to hear in their recovery.  This article is about a small phone survey with a simple question “Did you used to have a problem with drugs or alcohol but no longer do?”  The wording of the question with "problem" may be too broad for some, but includes people who may not consider themselves (or meet diagnostic criteria) for addictions or abuse.

* "me too" is a great non-verbal way I like to communicate with clients in group.  This simple ASL sign "me too" signifies a kind of empathy that using words interrupts.  I teach client's this on day one, as it is a great way to say 'I have been there too,' without interrupting, sharing or 'one-upping' in group.

Now I've been happy lately

Thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be

Something good has begun

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