Saturday, March 3, 2012

Drug Court Success in Indiana

To say I am a fan of diversion programs for people addicted to AOD is like saying I just simply 'enjoy chocolate.'  I spent a few months while obtaining my Masters degree working with client's in a very similar program.  Those in the Portland, OR area were given a choice; felony conviction or 12-month intensive outpatient.  It may seem like an obvious choice taking a couple of classes, groups, talking about your feelings, peeing in  cup is definitely a better long term solution than trying to get a job or an apartment with a felony.  I had a client in group tell me "by month 3 if you aint learning, something is wrong with you."  Many struggled at first, and some are probably still in/out of the program 3 years later, but dealing head-on with the addiction was a full-time job.

I tell my Problem Gambling client's this too (they are self-referred); on our first session if I feel like they are going to do the bare minimum, telling me this is a financial issue, looking for a bail-out, refusing groups or GA.  My line is "Welcome to your new part-time job, to be successful 4 hours of group a week here, 1 hour of GA, 1 hour face-to-face with me, plus the hours you will be working all of this out at home, repairing relationships and building lost trust."  I am usually meet with a groan, eye-roll and often a question of how old I am/what do I know/where did I graduate from?  On session two client's are prepared and ready to go, hit the ground running although they feel like they are running in a sand pit for a while.

Glad to see drug courts are now in all 50 states, if only there was a way to have Gambling courts...

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